Could you imagine someone telling you how to love your other half? It would be down right weird... so why in the heck would I?! No no no... this isn't about me, this is all about you & capturing the two of you in its wholeness. 

Loving fiercely looks different for everyone. It can be squeezing each other tight enough that you can't breathe, or crazy tickles fights that lead to down right bursts of laughter. Either way it's your story & I am going to capture it all. Being a third wheel in high school paid off a lot, because now I get to do it for a living... & I am not gonna lie I am pretty good at it. 

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for those falling harder, kissing longer, & all that real shizz

The truth 

I am not here to be just another wedding vendor; I am fully invested in my friends NOT CLIENTS friends! I will legit do everything in my power to make you two as comfortable as possible. We will play music, pop the good stuff and have a great time because honestly that is what it is all about. 

Speaking of fun; if you are looking for a photographer that will make you two stand there holding each other in a way that you never would; I may not be the best fit for you. Making sure that your hair is perfect, or your clothes are laying just flat rather than focusing on those hardcore laughs I am def not the photographer for you. Which is totally okay because you deserve someone that is your style 
& some you 100 percent trust!

A lil something I learned over the years

If you don't know by now let me say it again; I am all about those real, raw, and authentic moments between two people who are fiercely in love. I am not talking about the posed crap that everyone is doing on the 'gram, I am talking the yummy stuff that makes you feel warm inside. My goal is making my couples fall in love over and over again & capturing each bit of it. You know what I am talking about; the little kisses on the hands, or the slight tug of your other halves hair as they kiss you. Those are what's real!

Your professional Third Wheel

Real shizz


crazy kisses

warm light

My style


If we are being honest anyone can make you stand there with a pretty background & make you smile at the camera (hello iphones). I roll a little differently... I am not just your photographer for an hour or two making you do weird and uncomfortable things to get the "pretty picture" nahh I all about getting below all that crap &  getting to the good stuff, the real stuff, the stuff that makes you wanna squeeze a little harder, kiss a little longer, & melt into your lover. I am not the type of girl that will stop you in a moment because you had a little piece of hair go in front of your face... Heck no.... I am also not the type to show up with my camera in hand & just take your picture and then boom we never speak again. Friends I am fully invested in you, so to me that means going out for a drink of two before the session, & talking about all the weird things we couples tend to do. I wanna talk about life & get to know you more than just an email in an inbox that turned into a client. I want to be friends, I wanna be that third wheel who secretly has a camera in their hand but yall are laughing so hard you didn't even notice. 

What to expect

GIMME' ALL THE PEEPS WHO WANT TO BREAK TRADITION! I never want my couples to be stressing over whether their centerpieces are perfect, or scrolling through Pinterest planning out every shot that is 'gram worthy. If you two wanna backpack to a cliff in the middle of nowhere DO IT! If you want a small intimate wedding on the beach of Hawaii DO IT!! Rock climb in Yosemite to Traft Point for a sunset ceremony DO ITTTT!! This is your legacy friends & I will be here for you every step of the way! I don't ever want you to look back on your day and wish that you had done something different. 

Breaking the bounds of tradition

Kind words

"my husband is an incredibly talented and very discerning photographer. we were both very anxious about who we would pick to capture our wedding day because of 
Jiyang's diligence and devotion to his own work. We are so immensely lucky to have found Hannah. She rose to the challenge and made us feel like we could truly be ourselves in fron tof and the camera! she captured us brilliantly and skillfully in a style that truly unique to her own." 

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I will send out a style guide when you book with me! Trust me I got you!

What in the heck do I wear to my engagement session?

I don't like to put a number on the amount of photographs you will get because each wedding is different, but I can promise that you will get plenty to tell your day exactly how it should be told. 
My turnaround is pretty quick, because hello waiting for photographs is frickin torture. For engagement/anniversary  the turn around is 2-4 weeks or less. I give you little surprises along the way. 
Weddings are 5-6 weeks or less, due to the larger number of photographs you are getting. 

How many photos will i get? What is your turn around for photos?

Hell yes I travel! For anything out of the state of Nevada I have you guys pay the bare minimum. Flight, Stay, & transportation... everything else I got covered. As far as booking flights & rooms I will take care of that. I will pick the cheapest flights possible but I like to book a day earlier than needed because shizz happens & I wanna make it to your wedding. Trust me I will be in contact with ya the whole time; I am not here to shake ya down for more money. 

Do you travel? Whats the fee?

Frequently asked questions

What if the weather is bad? Do you reschedule?

I am the type of girl that is all about going with flow which includes the weather! Some of my favorite sessions have been in 70mph winds. Hair goals just sayin.... But lets be honest its Reno, Tahoe weather changes like the wind. But if it is so crappy that it will be a miserable experience than yes we will pick a diff. date. 

I GOT YOU! Y'all I have been to my fair share of weddings & planning out a timeline is my JAM. If you need any help with planning out your day, or need wedding vendors I GOT YOU! 

wedding day timelines? Do you help?

Can you photoshop me? 

EEEK! sorry peeps this girl doesn't believe in photoshop. Why? Because you are frickin beautiful the way you are! Of course if you have a pimple or a scratch that isn't normally there YES I will get rid of it. If peeps are in your background, YES they will be gone. But messing with body types (NOT MY JAM) also getting rid of fly aways because your hair isn't picture perfect also not my jam. I am all about embracing the moment and all that comes with it. 

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Here is the kicker folks; I want to be more than just a fly on the wall at your wedding. I want to be more than just another wedding vendor; I am fully invested in this day and in YOU!! If you feel like you need a lil more coverage I also offer wedding weekends!!! 

Did I catch your attention reach out to learn all the deets!
Starting @ $3,500  9 hour coverage


To all my couples out there that are breaking the traditions & getting married in an intimate setting I am 100% for it. If you wanna hike to the top of a mountain top to say I do I am there! You wanna say yes to a beach elopement count me in! I am down for travel anywhere, and I will help you every step of the way!
starting @ $2,500 4-5 hours of coverage


My favorite thing to shoot is couples; whether it is for an engagement, or an anniversary, or just because. I am here to be more than just a girl with a camera documenting that moment. I want it to be a super rad date but I am just your third wheel friend hangin out with you. Drinks? Music? YES let's do it
starting @ $475


Adventure sessions

elopements/ Intimate weddings



Seniors I have a whole other page for you that explains my senior experience! Head to the senior tab! 


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"We are in absolute tears over these photos. You were one of the biggest parts of our special day. You went above & beyond. We had so much fun with you!"

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Where ever you go, go with all your heart -confucius