1. hate sharing food

5. Dogs are the world

3. Coffee is life

2. Clowns scare me to death

Fueled by mountains,  hiking boots, & mis- matched socks

Who I am

I am not the type of "picture perfect" person, it isn't real. What is REAL is two souls giving wild kisses, wrapping into one another & melting into bliss, & remembering every ounce of love they felt at that moment. That is what I do... I capture those experiences by letting you essentially be YOU. 

We are creating these memories together... there is no turn your head this way, place your arm here... that takes away everything that is you & your relationship

This isn't for anyone else but you

4. lover of all music

My main man Steven

My main squeeze Steven. I was blessed to meet this guy six years ago who legit saved me. He taught me to live life to the fullest whatever that means to you. He is always on the move and is everybody's friend. (Still have yet to meet one person who doesn't like him) & if you don't peace out! 
He is my inspiration everyday; he loves hard, dreams massive, & is always looking for something more. 

Meet the three musketeers; myself, Steven, and our german wirehair Willow. We live in a small town outside of Lake Tahoe & spend most of our time outside. Our 2nd home Berta has taken us to some of our favorite places. Our hobbies are everything outdoors (rocking climbing, archery hunting, hiking, fishing, & snowboarding) 
We are all about the simple things in life; coffee in the camper, walks along the river, watching the stars at night. The real shizz, the good shizz. 

The three Musketeers

We are two peas in a pod!
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Where ever you go, go with all your heart -confucius