friends? I think YES

My name is Hannah Martini, (yup just like the drink) I am an adventurous elopement photographer & I wildly come alive when my couples are down for a bomb hike. I frequently quote from Friends & you best believe coffee is a must in my life. 

I am going to keep it completely real with you; I will sing & dance like no one is watching in the car next to me. I hate spicy food; I am as plain as they come. I live my life in jeans & I have pretty much seen every movie possible. And  I constantly talk about Steven & Willow because together we make the Three Musketeers. 

My heart belongs in the mountains & to the sea; seeking adventure is always on my to do list. AKA travel gives me all the feels!

oh what up girl




What to expect

 Y'all I am all about adventure as you can tell! Up on a mountain top, walking along the sandy beach, or hanging off a cliff. YUP That shizz is my JAM!
I am a firm believer that photographs have an extraordinary way of telling a story, and that is what I want to do... is tell your story but I can't do that without gene moments. I start off every session by getting to know you! I want all the deets because it gives me the chance to understand you two as a couple! 
NO to awkward poses, & feeling like you always have to smile at my camera (who I named Frank) No, no friends I am your professional third wheel who is capturing all those belly laughs, snuggly moments, & some passionate smooches! 

Alex Corona

"OH MY GOSH Hannah I 'm literally in tears, it is so beautiful. These are perfect, thank you so much for everything. I can't explain how much it meant to us to have you capture our special day. We are so grateful!"

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